For the first time, Joan Pedrero has completed The Africa Eco Race on a Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250™


Oxford, UK (January, 2023). Joan Pedrero, Dakar’s elite rider, has once again made history by finishing the 15 edition of the Africa Eco Race on a Harley-Davidson ® Pan America 1250™ . Pedrero finished 1st in the maxitrail category, and 25th overall.  

For 16 days, Pedrero competed at the helm of the Pan America 1250™, the first Harley-Davidson Adventure Touring model. The challenge showcased the extreme capabilities of the Pan America 1250, and how it embodies the spirit of adventure that is part of the American motorcycle brand’s DNA. Equipped with the powerful Revolution® Max 1250 engine, a liquid-cooled 1250 cc V-Twin engine, Pedrero exceeded expectations and showed what the motorcycle was truly capable of. Very few adjustments were made to the motorcycle for entry into the race, making it an almost fully-stock model with the only changes being a slight modification to the radiator to better compete in the extreme conditions of the desert. 

Pedrero started the race in a strong position, remaining in the top 20 for the first four days of the difficult trail. At the end of the long competition, and despite some setbacks, Joan Pedrero and the Pan America 1250™ did not stop riding and overcame all challenges in their way, impressing both the audience and other riders with the versatility, power and control that the American model has to offer.

Kolja Rebstock, Harley-Davidson Regional Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa says, “We are thrilled with the result of this race and the incredible performance from Joan Pedrero. Our brand is rooted in adventure and performance, and the Pan America completing this race is a fantastic example of how we are continuing to go beyond expectations by pushing technology and performance limits.”

Harley-Davidson's participation in the competition has demonstrated the capability and reliability of the Pan America 1250™. Adventure is part of the brand, and the Pan America 1250™ is exploring new ways to live the true Harley-Davidson experience. Fans of the brand are invited to watch a series of videos on the race at H-D.com/ecorace



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